May 8th, 2014

dark flower

rolling for chance

Last night on my way home from work I listened to the Linux Action Show on my phone. The episode featured reviews of games available on Linux. Most of the games reviewed were not truly open-source, but instead proprietary games through the on-line gaming company Steam.

The "shooter" games rarely interest me much, though I used to enjoy arcade games like Galaga. But the topic of open source games interested me, as I usually just play chess on-line. I wanted to try something new.

I went to the Software Center to see what was on offer. To my delight, "free yahtzee" was available. I downloaded it, and began to play. This morning I played seven games while I waited for my dryer to finish some laundry. When we were kids, my siblings and I would play with my mom at the little lake cabin my family owned on White Oak Lake.
I always enjoyed this game, and the computer-game version was easy-to-play and just as enjoyable.

When I rolled five twos in one turn--a yahtzee(!)--in the 6th game, I felt that sense to unwarranted accomplishment that only games with a huge element of chance provide. That odd pride is the root of potential addiction, I know, but I will keep it well-buried--and avoid gambling dens. But yahtzee, that's another matter. This game is a keeper. I love that open source software means free games.

Meanwhile, I have one on-line chess game remaining. I am still a pawn up in an opposite color bishops game. I am concerned that the game has turned drawish. Perhaps I will take the half-point and move on soon.
dark flower

beginnings of a cure for drought

Today the rain fell. A huge storm rolled in, giving some help with our severe drought.
At one point, the folks in our building all evacuated temporarily into a tornado shelter when a tornado warning issued. The rain cleared up a good bit by mid-day. We needed the rain. After the rains subsided, I watched barn and cliff swallows cavort in the waters left on a Breckinridge Park field by the storm. Though the weather report forecast but an inch of accumulation, I believe we received more rain than one inch.

barn swallow on a rainy Thursday