May 1st, 2014

dark flower

marine mammal

Yesterday morning I was in a Florida city for a business trip. I had a few moments to take a walk before my meetings began. With better planning, I would have gone to a lovely nature trail. But my mapping was off, and I wandered. Finally, I found myself
on a little sidewalk path by the Hillsborough River. I saw laughing gulls and a snowy egret. Just when I was thinking that things were a bit inactive, a dolphin surfaced from the water, about 10 feet from me. Then the whole walk was validated, as I watched it swim in a leisurely way along the river.
dark flower

judges and media

Tonight two judicial candidates who won their elections and are unopposed in November spoke to the Garland Bar. One was a family judge. One was a civil judge. Both sounded like they had good ideas for when they take the bench.

I read Michael Arlen's "Hell Said the Duchess", a pleasing mix of Wilkie Collins, Evelyn Waugh, P.G. Wodehouse and Charles Williams. Lately I read or hear things about Michael Arlen on the radio or in unlikely print places. I will read more of his novels.

I listened to a good radio interview on Radio NZ with the band the Great North. The station had a commercial for an upcoming live performance of Gorecki's Second. I like that symphony, but the time zone difference would make that a dawn patrol too early even for very-early-me.

Work has gotten very busy lately. I look forward to walking a bit on Saturday. My wife is taking the day off tomorrow. I am glad she's off. She deserves the extra time.