April 20th, 2014

dark flower

Sorting and renewal

I started Saturday morning with a bird walk at Lake Ray Robetts State Park. We saw 20+ species including my Spring's first blue/gray gnatcatcher and snowy egret.

I ate a healthy lunch at the Whole Foods Market little buffet. My wife and I spent our afternoon sorting clothes. Some we sent to Goodwill. Others we set in boxes to await the repair work on our home. We got our wi-fi and living room TV and cable set up again. The DVR was a casualty of the water damage.

We watched "The Ten Commandments" on Saturday evening. I loved the primitive special fx. I wish more modern movies used them. I would not want Edward G. Robinson as my taskmaster.

This morning I took Beatrice for a walk. We saw two Easter bunnies, four Easter squirrels, two Easter barn swallows, five Easter chipping sparr0ws and the usual Easter congregation of other local birds.