April 12th, 2014

dark flower

after things dried a bit

I got back noon yesterday from a trip to the San Joaquin Valley of California for business. I found this amazing city park in Fresno called Woodward Park.

Our house is still full of huge blue drying machines. Walls and wall decorations have been stripped back. Some carpet has been pulled up. It's very dystopian sci-fi. They tell me the fans will be done in a day or two. My wife heroically dealt with things during my days away for business.

My wife had to stay a couple of nights at a La Quinta. Our dog stayed with her dogsitter. Last night was our first night back in the house since the night of the great waterburst. It was hot, but we were all glad to be home.

Last night I got family paperwork sorted. Today I got more family paperwork sorted, and had a business call I needed to have. I also had a great call with my last little brother,who moved to upstate New York. It was great to hear from him. I was going to play in a chess tournament, but his call came in right at time to leave. I like chess a lot, but a call from a good friend trumped chess today.

I got a good walk in at the McKinney Community Center Nature Trail. I had an odd thing with Carolina wrens. Carolina wrens are common, and commonly heard.They issue warning cries to all and sundry when you come near them. But you rarely see many--they are a little shy. I saw several today, but my camera focused on none of them, though they stayed relatively still (for wrens). Perhaps their bird brains psyched out my camera.

Tomorrow I want to do more practical things, go to church, and start organizing things a bit for what we will need to do post-drying-machine at our house. Right now I am in the local public library, realizing how incredible it is to sit in air conditioning and to have access to wi-fi.