April 6th, 2014

dark flower

time travel and rain

Late last night we watched the movie "About Time" on pay-per-view. I had been reminded to rent it by a recent post by gracegiver. The film was even more fun and feel-good than I expected. It was the perfect way to end a Saturday night.

The rain fell all night and most of today. Here the rain is a blessing in a drought-stricken land. The news on Radio NZ reported about floods in the Solomon Islands, where the rains caused flooding and deaths.

The Weight Watchers scales showed that I lost two pounds. This brings my total to
nearly 25 pounds. I browsed gadgets at Staples and Radio Shack, and bought batteries and a USB stick. Stores puzzle me--computers with widely disparate hardware will be on sale at nearly-identical prices. I ate a turkey sandwich with lettuce and sauerkraut at Whichwhich. I drove in Allen Station Park and took a photograph of a scissor-tailed flycatcher in the rain.

Tonight I installed some software on my laptop and drew a picture of a robot while doodling with Inkscape. Some days I wish I could draw, but lately I like to try to do simple cartoon figures.

I accomplished very little practical today, and will need to do some paperwork tonight or tomorrow. But I was delighted to have a restful rain day today.