April 4th, 2014

dark flower

passings and roast pork and rips

The bunnies we sought to save from our dog did not survive the hailstorm. They were doing well just before the storm, making me believe that their mother had found their new location. But then the awful storm hit. We had put the little garden vase that held them under the overhang, in hope to keep them dry. But the hail was too much for them. They looked serene in their place, making me think that they were chilled by the hail.

Their passing made me sad, as I kept thinking of possible (if improbable) things I could have done to put an umbrella over them during the storm. My wife buried them in the front yard before I got home. I feel badly for those cute little creatures.

Work was good today. I learned a lot, and deduced a lot. I love that feeling of things coming together.

I stopped by Bob Woodruff Park on the way home. As I walked under huge burr oak trees, I saw a woman walking her two dogs. She wore a protective face mask, leading to me to suspect she was trying to pollen (locally termed "cedar fever"). Her large English shepherd rolled on her back under a tree. The owner started taking the leaves out of her thick fur, saying "Lucy, what am I going to do with you?" and explaining to Lucy" the imperfections in her roll-in-the-leaves behavior. I liked that Lucy got a chance to revel in the oaks.

My wife suggested I get myself dinner, as she had had such a late lunch as to not be hungry. I stopped by a place called C-Wok, where I had steamed pork and vegetables. I am becoming fond of the small portions and low prices of simple fast food Chinese places.

As I processed my pictures, I noticed that my trousers have a huge rip. When did that happen? I wonder. I hope I was inconspicuous.