March 28th, 2014

dark flower

moving forward by backing up

Thursday morning I rose early because I had an appointment with the dental hygienist. My dentist's office is over in Mesquite, a fairly long drive from my home (though fairly close to my office). My dentist is a fellow with whom I was in high school.

The traffic on a mildly rainy day was heavy. I was a few minutes late for my appointment.The hygienist was new to me. I listened to Radio New Zealand via little ear buds plugged in to my cell phone while she worked . When it is 8:30 a.m. Thursday in Dallas,it is 3:30 a.m. on Friday in New Zealand. The station played Chapter 5 of a radio play about an older Swedish woman named Astrid, and a younger Swedish woman whose name escapes me. In the episode,the younger Swedish woman told about her former lover in London, a New Zealander, while the older woman told a story about her grim day, some 60 years earlier. The dental hygienist inquired if I wished to know of ways to avoid gingivitis, but I assured her that I had this occult knowledge.

I drove to my office, while an interview on Radio New Zealand focused on proper care of infants. While I was at work, the nice fellow who directs chess tournaments phoned me and asked me to assist at a large scholastic tournament on April 12. I accepted, as I have not helped run a tournament in over a year.

At home in the evening, I took our dog Beatrice for a walk in the park.We watched "Scandal",a television program my wife enjoys and I find okay but can take or leave.We watched "The Americans", a television program we both enjoy.

I began backing up files from my laptop to Google Drive. I have never been very assiduous about backing up and preserving files. But my laptop has a couple of things going on that make me want to re-install an operating system. So I am trying to sort out what files matter. One thing that is going on is that the laptop is having a hard time mounting external drives. But Google Drive is working out fine as a way to back things up. I really should back up more often in general on all computers. So far, I've copied finished episodes of my podcast, copies of music I created and its raw elements, and am now copying fractal images I created. Once I get the back-up done,I'll do a fresh install.

I began vague plans for an outdoors outing on Memorial Day weekend. I received 2 dollars and 19 cents of credit in my Nook e-reader account as my share of a class action settlement. I saw a robin on my roof.
dark flower

like a dove only more raptor-y

This week featured a little stress. I was glad my wife and I could go to the little Thai Cafe in town, eat fairly healthy food, talk about the day, and relax.

It rained "big time" today. Dark clouds, driving rain rain. We needed it. After work, I stopped by Murphy City Park. I saw a group of doves on a small soccer field. Suddenly, a bird about their size flew towards them. They took off, with the bird flying with them. I wondered if this was a "watchdog dove", alerting the flock to an issue. Then I saw a female kestrel atop a tree, and realized the "watchdog dove" was the male kestrel, hunting a rather sizable meal.

My massive google drive upload is complete. On to the next part of this plan.