March 19th, 2014

dark flower

Sound fx and DAWS

A good bit of insomnia, a dollop of coughing and a random sneeze or two remind me that 'better" does not equal "cured". I want to be productive today with work matters and tonight with family things. Then the rest of the week will experience a plot twist.

I listened to the song I created last night using some materials of my own remixed with some vocal samples and song samples at the Creative Commons music sharing site This morning's check was less about aesthetic perfection than about making sure that I am not "in the red", with painful clipping. The meter says I'm okay. The song is ready to go. I'm tempted, a little, to tweak it one more time, but I think that it's good to go.

I am impressed with how good a digital audio workstation Audacity has become these days. It has enough effects and easily-accessible plug-ins for even moderate-duty recording. I no longer miss the Magix digital audio workstations I used for years. They were sturdy "value" studios, 50 to 70 dollars a version. Audacity is now sufficiently full-featured that I do not miss them. I suppose a few of my favorite VST fx were more fun in Magix. I must learn to use outside VST fx or some equivalent in Audacity. I've not really done much with that because the on-board and built-in plugs are so good. I never have been one for professional audio software--I gave away a version of Reason because I was not in a place to learn it, and I never could get Presonus Studio One working well for me. I am now devoted once more to free and low-cost music-making devices.

I hope I do not cough much at work. I do not mind it, but it's worrying for my partner who offices next door. I'd rather be a silent dynamo.
dark flower

talking too long

Today things went great until I tried to speak on the phone for five minutes solid. My voice now sounds like a reedy woodwind in need of a new reed. After minute five, I burst into persistent coughing. Lesson learned.

I feel pretty good, but for the cough and the lack of voice. I will avoid speaking for a few more days, and someday I will be back in full voice. Tonight I walked at Bob Woodruff Park. I took lots of bluebird pictures, and a nice little bluebird video. Then I went to Oak Point Park, where I took mockingbird photos.

I saw my brother to get his signature on a boring paper, and go to say hi to his chihuahua mix, Arnold P. I am not sure if Arnold really has the middle initial P., but I have always called him Arnold P. He's a fine little dog, full of friendliness and fellow feeling.

I did some paperwork tonight, but only a part of the paperwork I will need to do on Sunday.
I listened to my remix on my work audio station, and found it acceptable.

Tomorrow will be an early bustle kind of day. Last night I had a hard time getting to sleep.
I hope to wake up before the crack of dawn. I saw two crows mobbing a hawk today. I thought about "what if?" and what next.