March 17th, 2014

dark flower

healing in good order

Today I steadily progressed. I woke up still a good bit under the weather. I thought about going into work anyway, but I did not want to infect my office mates. I wanted to be sure I was not contagious. I called to advise that I would work from home. I got some things done, and got some rest in.

I went at mid-day to the local Doc-in-a-box, a CareNow. It's a couple of blocks from our home. Though I have a "regular" family doctor in Dallas, I go to this care center for things like what I have now. They always "do right" by me.

I liked my doctor there. Her tag said "center manager". She checked me over, and confirmed my own rough understanding. She explained that the cause of the laryngitis was viral, and that it will likely dissipate in a few days. She gave me some medicine to help with my vocal strain, as anti-biotics don't really mean much when a virus is at work. She gave me a "release" to go back to work on Wednesday, but told me it was 50/50 that I could go back tomorrow. The test is apparently how I feel. Contagion appears not to be an issue any longer.I did not tell her that I was one of the bosses, so the note was not so important. It's easier when you have laryngitis to just say, "thank you, Dr. Mann".

I drove to the Walgreen pharmacy to get my prescription filled. Outside the building, a spirited house finch sang a song. I felt a bit quiet and a little sore as I stood watching this bird hold forth as if everything was perfect. It was a good contrast. I wish I had had a camera.

I got a sandwich for lunch. Then I took the medicine I picked up. I went back to my computer and got more work done. All day, I have felt steadily better. My voice, though, remains hoarse and I remain under doctor's orders to avoid talking. My reading tells me this could last to Saturday or even a day or two past. We'll see. It's been years since I've had laryngitis. I recall it passing more quickly.

I felt well enough this evening to process 600 photos from a project from the weekend. It is all uploading now into a cloud storage location. It's a slow upload. I will get another good night's sleep,and hope that tomorrow is still on the winning slope. I do not prefer working at home. I prefer my office.