March 10th, 2014

abstract butterfly

Hike and sleep

Sunday morning I walked at the Brockdale trailhead of Trinity Trail. I saw lots of sparrows and juncoes foraging on the ground. Then I walked near Highland Park. I was sad to see that folks systematically vandalized the painted park benches. I took pictures of cardinals among the scrub.

I got unstuck at I am hopeful that I can keep making progress at this introduction to the Python programming. The thing that got me stuck turned out to be simple failures to construct simple logical phrases.

I gained .2 pounds at Weight Watchers. This was basically good news after 3 weeks of gaining 1.2 pounds per week, but I had hoped to lose a bit. These plateau times happen.

I intended to ride my bicycle when I got home, but I took a long and needed nap instead. We watched television and ate home-made hamburgers.
dark flower


Warm weather returned today! This is what I call "Texas in March".

look forward
pictured: eastern bluebird

savannah sparrow
pictured: savannah sparrow

I love daylight savings time. In the longer light, I took Beatrice for a walk in the park. I slept until 7 a.m. this morning. I forgot about the road construction on Exchange Parkway, which slowed my trip to work.

I listened during my drive home to the Linux Action Show. They had a great feature on how to turn a $ 199 Chromebook into a fully-featured Linux system. That sounds like fun.

I am glad I do not watch the television shows The Bachelor or The Voice. Life is too short already to even have to see Twitter posts about those shows. One of my friends just switched to
no-cable, all on-line media. Perhaps someday, I will, too. But not today.