March 7th, 2014

dark flower

pix and chat

I needed a photo of me to use for a little professional publication about me. The specs said "head-shot". When I used to office in Los Angeles, I could go to a little wooden house in Hollywood filled with props and a great photographer, which specialized in aspiring actor headshots. But today, in Garland, Texas, I brought my digital camera into the office and wore my suit. One of our assistants patiently took my photo a few dozen times in our little conference room. We chose the image least ghastly for my use.

I was able to meet my deadline to get the picture ready. In digital life, a review proof of the text of the little thing was ready for me to review within minutes of my submitting my materials for the brief profile. I wrote back to point out a huge typo that was entirely my fault. The matter was remedied, and the copy was ready in a matter of a few hours. Modern technology is a lot easier than printer's proofs used to be. It's great, really, how no picture of oneself is quite the right picture of oneself. I was grateful to my co-worker for helping out.

I left my office an hour early this afternoon. My wife had scheduled a very early dinner at Aboca Italian restaurant with two of her co-workers and their spouses. Aboca is a fine Italian restaurant. We had a great wait-person, who proved quite attentive. One of my wife's co-workers knew the owner, who made up a special dish of fried zucchini. I had grilled seabass and minestrone. We all had a great conversation, as my wife's co-workers all shared our love for adopted dogs and cats, our nostalgia for typewriters with memory, and our love for the "Two Fat Ladies" cooking show with its unusual dishes. We all had a good time and made tentative plans to gather again at some time in the future.

This morning and tonight I worked more on the Python tutorials at I have completed 16 percent of the available tutorials. Time will tell how well I will retain what I have learned, but I want to plow on to 100% of this tutorial, and then learn more.