March 2nd, 2014

dark flower


I woke at 4 a.m. The temperature was just a few degrees above freezing. I woke again at 7 a.m. The temperature gauge on my telephone application advised me of freezing conditions.

I went to the 9:30 a.m. Weight Watchers, where my weight was up a bit. After my meeting, I went to a church service at Community Unitarian Universalist Church in Plano. I liked the service. I liked the hymn lyric by Shelley Jackson Denham that went "Help me live my wordless creed as I comfort those in need".

When I came out of church, a light sleet had begun. The temperature dipped several more degrees. I drove to Bethany Lakes Park. I stayed in my car and watched a ring-billed seagull, a great egret and several gadwall ducks.

I drove to Allen Station Park. Light sleet was falling, but no accumulation had yet accrued. I pulled into a parking area, and saw lots of birds. I saw 31 cedar waxwings
in a tree. On the ground, I saw cardinals and robins.

american robin red carpet

northern cardinal foraging and taking shelter 3 2 2014

I picked up sandwiches for my wife and I to eat for lunch. I had a roast beef.She had a vegetarian delight. I stopped by Radio Shack on McDermott in Allen to get AA batteries. As I waited to be waited on, I noticed that they had a computer on sale for $ 199 with decent specs. I did not buy it, though, tempting as it was at the price. I also left without my batteries, as the sales guy was occupied making a pitch to sell cell phone services to a couple.

As we ate, the sleet intensified. My wife went to get some shopping done before any sleet accumulated. I watched a showing of the movie "Ghostbusters". About three p.m., things got noisy, as the sleet intensified. My wife took suet out to our backyard feeder for the birds.We enjoyed watching the dark-eyed juncoes from our back windows.

dark-eyed junco on the suet

dark eyed junco on the sleet

dark-eyed junco on a fence

I updated my computer operating system. I tinkered a bit with a few applications that
fail to update for want of a dependency. I will solve this eventually.

We settled down to eat a fine chicken chili that my wife prepared. The sleet subsided at last. It's now very cold. We are watching the Oscars.