February 17th, 2014

dark flower

jumble Monday

Political fund-raising spam make its way more often to my in-box these days,but a steady run of unsubscribing may one day help. Warm weather today reigned.Though this was President's Day, I put in a full day's work. I like the way that Winter Olympian Steve Holcomb is virtually the only athlete in this year's games who does not look like he came straight from a high-fashion photo shoot.I haggled with the phone rep at Sirius XM, and got a new rate roughly half my old rate. I would just drop the service, as I get more variety through phone apps,but it is nice to have satellite reception in the rural areas. My negotiating strategy was to be immensely courteous, immensely patient, quite positive, and yet firm. I want to schedule a lake weekend. I saw song sparrows at lunch and bluebirds at day's end.