January 30th, 2014

dark flower


I type this sitting in front of one of those old-style clunky desktop monitors. You know, the kind that has ordinary good resolution instead of pixel perfection, and whose screen resides in a case as thick as a box of bricks. This monitor, which I have owned for something like 10 years, never dies, while thin-screen monitors have not lasted for me as long. I attribute this to my being special rather than to a general statement about the traits of this tech v. that tech. I dislike lifting this old monitor but I rather like its stodgy manila solidity. It says Envision on it, except the first "i" is a little exclamation point.

My wife is out with the kids from her twice-weekly exercise class tonight. They are dining at Zoe's, a nice Mediterranean casual place. I opted instead for a turkey plate at Dickey's BBQ, and a little time to relax at home.

My glasses went missing this morning. I have set them down someplace in the house. I had to go to work without them. I am fortunate that I am not totally impaired without them, but I want to find them soon.

The day started off very cold, but turned to merely cool by day's end. Tomorrow it is to be warm. Sunday it is to be cold. This is typical regional weather. We get a Winter, but only on intermittent days.

Work has been very intense thus far this year, but I am making progress.