January 22nd, 2014

dark flower

after D-Day

We watched the J.D. Salinger documentary on PBS last night. I did not expect to last the entire two hours plus of the documentary, but it held my attention. The story of this extraordinarily war-affected fellow writing for decades in a semi-seclusion proved interesting. I never get the kind of fandom that arises in people, even for a major writer like Salinger. Celebrity culture is as American as apple pie, but it is not my favorite American trait. I like "Franny and Zooey" far better than "Catcher in the Rye'. Mr. Salinger's odd personal traits and unfortunate choices were good grist for the cinematic mill, and his followers, admirers, fellow authors and former inamorata made quite a parade on film.

Work is very busy now. That is overall a good thing, but it is a thing.