January 20th, 2014

dark flower

last day before the polar express

Today proved warm and windless. I worked a solid day, getting a great deal done. I mildly dislike working on Martin Luther King, Jr. day, but as it happened, I was glad to be in my office.

At lunchtime I went to Murphy City Park. I kept seeing really cute yellow-rumped warblers, but missing the photo. An eastern bluebird proved more of a poser (and not at all a poseur).

eastern bluebird murphy city park 1 20 2014

I picked us up salmon to eat for dinner, and some clementines and bananas as well. We watched "Antiques Roadshow", where the antiques were in all Boise, Idaho. I recalled my visit to Idaho Falls, ID, one holiday season. My brother was in the Navy (and hence was stationed in landlocked Idaho). I remember deep snow and lovely mountains. I would like to visit Idaho again someday.

I looked a wikipedia entries for people who interest me. Among the people whose information I looked up were Willa Cather, Sarah Orne Jewett, John Donne, and Emily Dickinson, which all sounds much more literary than the fifth choice, Olivia Wilde. The Donne entry reminded me of the scourge which is religious intolerance.

In other news, our local suburb of Farmers Branch, having spent all of last year in the news with an unconstitional anti-immigrant landlord-tenant ordinance, now has its mayor proclaim this the "Year of the Bible".The resulting discussion about how culturally diverse the town proves to be has made for a lively discussion. I wonder how that mayor would have reacted had a mayor proclaimed this the Year of the Koran. I like the sound of "The Year of Living Dangerously", a novel (and a movie) I enjoyed.

The weather is full of promise of oncoming cold. I have my coat ready.