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January 19th, 2014

lovely January day

Days like this make me say "This is why we live in north Texas!". The weather was mild (after a chilly start), the sun was shining, the wind was calm, and the trees were full of birds. I listened to a sermon by a Unitarian Universalist minister from San Diego on Mixcloud, pointing out that love is not just how you feel but what you do, while a sermoncast from another minister in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Anne Mason, made the point that "we must embody the values we choose". I walked at the McKinney Community Trail and Towne Lake Park in McKinney. My morning bird list included tufted titmouse, carolina chickadee, ruby-crowned kinglet, ring-billed gull, eastern bluebird, downy woodpecker, red-bellied woodpecker,
mallard duck, canada goose, American coot, and double-crested cormorant.

eastern bluebird 1 19 14 mckinney community center trail

After my early afternoon meeting, I ate a sandwich and then drove Beatrice to Celebration Park.
Here's a picture of Beatrice on our sofa before we left:

  beatrice 1 19 2014

Here's a cardinal we saw during our walk:

northern cardinal 1 19 2014

We also saw gulls, other dogs, lots of open, grassy fields, the fence on the outfield of a baseball field,
and a stand of bare trees.

I need to buy compact fluorescent bulbs for my room upstairs.