January 16th, 2014

dark flower

net envy and listening intently

I walked briefly in Murphy City Park at noon yesterday. I saw three yellow-rumped warblers, an eastern phoebe, a northern mockingbird and a solitary cedar waxwing. The sky was blue but the day was a bit chilly.

We watched the TV shows "Modern Family" and "Nashville" last night. I listened to a mixcloud podcast about the Scale 12x linux festival coming up in Los Angeles in February. Perhaps I will attend the Texas Linux fest in June. I wonder if it would be fun for me, though I am a user rather than programmer. I should probably learn to program, though. It would be good for me. I play sometimes with the child's language Logo. With more demanding languages, I tend to learn a few simple commands, say "so what?" about having the ability to order a set of objects or print "hello world", and set it aside. I should be more pro-active than that.

I've been watching my "social capital" on LiveJournal rise and fall. It had hit a high of 25, but now is at a low of 20. I read an article about how on-line activity tends to promote a sense of envy. The theory of the study is that in life there are a few people who have zillions of friends, and most of us have relatively few friends. That minority with a zillion friends tends to interact with friends more often like electrons in a dense atom. The majority who lack a zillion friends then, the study postulates,
witness all these friend interactions of the zillion-friend few and learn that the zillion-friend few are more popular. The study concludes that envy ensues for an uneviable reason--one's zillion-friend friend really is more popular. I make it a point to avoid internet envy, but it is fun to read the studies.

I've been busy at work and with outside-of-work paperwork. For some reason, I ordered three discount Timex watches which arrived yesterday. I love Timex watches, but I must remember which of my relatives I intended to gift with a watch. Each is in a little square red box that says TIMEX in large letters.

I'm also working on being more active at ccMixter. The first step is to listen to a lot of music and review it. It's always fun to hear what people do with sound samples there. Later, I will begin creating new pieces and posting them there, but it's good for now to simply be a listener.
dark flower

titmice and paucity

Tonight we had only 4 attorneys for 40something clients at the Garland pro bono legal clinic. I saw roughly 10 or 11 clients. The evening lasted from 7:00 until 10:30. I listened to radio NZ [N Zed] through my cell phone on the drive home. A fellow in a news story insisted he cuts meat with the knife as to which he has been accused of intimidating folks.

When I arrived home, I found that a sketch of two titmice I ordered from artist Catherine Hamilton arrived. They look great--two cute partials of two cute titmice. I'll find a frame and hang them.

Every day I am making a little progress. This next three days I want to progress more.