January 2nd, 2014

dark flower

The Sun God Impala

I got to the car dealership early this morning. I listened to a podcast through my phone while they re-did the inspection. My helpful service representative advised me that they would need to give me a rental car while they solved an issue.

I thought the rental car guy was offering me an Apollo when he was providing an Impala. I stopped at McDonald's for oatmeal. The nice woman behind the counter asked me if I liked it. She had never tried her company's oatmeal.

Today the temperature was palpably cold but the day was clear. Much of the American northeast is facing a blizzard tonight. The forecast here, though, is that Saturday will be close to warm, a single-day respite from a cold week.

During lunch today, I saw an American kestrel, a killdeer, and two great blue herons flying at shoulder-height.

We got cute thank-you notes from young gift recipients in my wife's family. I won an eBay auction. I like 2014 already.