December 18th, 2013

dark flower

Unfed with FedUp

On Tuesday, the Fedora Project linux distribution released Fedora 20, the latest upgraded version of the operating system. I am on Fedora 19. I had previously upgraded from Fedora 18 to Fedora 19 using Fedora's easy-to-use package called FedUp.

I had originally planned to wait some weeks to upgrade, to permit the new version to be seasoned. But Tuesday, I found myself with extra time, and decided to upgrade.

I launched FedUp using the command line (I hope one day FedUp will have a GUI, but the command line is easy). It began seamlessly downloading the packages. Then it had me reboot.

When I rebooted, the little Fedora insignia began flashing as the install took place, just like when I upgraded from F18 to F19. This time, though, the upgrade seemed to complete itself in record time. Unfortunately, though, the system merely logged me back into F19.

I went to the Fedora IRC to ask about the issue, and got one bit of slightly helpful advice and mostly not much advice at all. I tried to update a bit and try again, but ultimately, gave up the effort.

This morning, a weblog post over on Fedora Planet advises that FedUp .7 has an upgrade to .8 that will be required to do the upgrade. Ideally, of course, they would have upgraded FedUp before they released F20. But it's no big deal.

Fedora has a reputation for being so cutting edge that its package stability can be imperfect, but this is only the second minor glitch I have encountered with Fedora since January (the first was when an upgrade temporarily impaired Virtual Box, after which a later upgrade fixed it). I'll try again later, and expect it will work fine.

The lesson I took is my usual lesson--don't upgrade an operating system on the first day of the upgrade release, a corollary of the rule that says don't buy a car in its first year model.
dark flower

ignorance, want and gifts

My sister lives with her family in northern Alabama. Last night I wrapped their gifts (read: put their gifts in gift bags), and put the wrapped gifts in a huge box. Today I took the box of gifts to UPS. The box was huge, like a moving box, with snowmen on it. I lugged it in and put it on the scales. I thought it would be expensive to ship. The tab came out to less than 18 dollars, and the estimated arrival date was Monday. Also, UPS always helps courteously with taping. It was a great joy that it went so easily. I called my sister to let her know to watch for a box. It turns out my niece will be out of town with her dad at Christmas, but I am still glad I got the gifts out her way.

Our office staff bought the attorneys sandwiches today, which was very kind. The weather was warm today,but I did not get a chance to go to the park. I worked a bit more on upgrading my computer operating system, but I am not yet ready for prime time. I'll just wait a few weeks. It'll sort out. In the meantime, F19 is a year from end of life.

I bought tickets for us to see the Christmas Carol by the local McKinney Community Theater on Friday.The tickets were only 10 dollars each. Downtown Dallas has a more professional production, but the tickets for that exceed 100 dollars each. It seems wrong to me to pay a premium price for a cushy seat watching for the appearance of the children named Ignorance and Want. We'll enjoy the McKinney production, which will be held in the old McKinney courthouse.

One of the kind women at work gifted my wife and I a membership in the new-ish Perot science museum. This is a perfect gift for us. We'll use it regularly during the coming year.

We are watching the last Barbara Walters fascinating people show. My first cousin is the producer of that show. Barbara interviewed lots of people over the term of this show.

I have some more Christmas shopping to do, but I feel a surge of confidence that I will get it done.