December 17th, 2013

dark flower

warm december day

northern mockingbird, travis farm park

The winter-blue sky and mildly warm air made a lunchtime walk at Travis Farm Park ideal. I watched mockingbirds flit among the trees which border this open field park. I looked a few yards away, and saw a male American kestrel standing atop a tree. I watched him fly from treetop to treetop.

I'm steadily moving back to full speed. I am well begun on my holiday shopping. I stopped by my brother's house to drop off some paperwork, and got to say hi to his family's chihuahua- mix dog Arnold. Arnold is very friendly.

I love warmer days after our extended cold snap. Saturday, though, things cool slightly. We are spending Christmas at home this year. Perhaps we will see a local Christmas Carol and a movie this weekend.