November 4th, 2013

dark flower

6 bids!

My old desk top computer sold on eBay during its second auction visit there. I watched the waning seconds of the auction on my tablet, as three bidders posted 6 bids, most in a flurry at the very end of the auction.The final price was not high,but a bit higher than the opening price. I was pleased for shipping costs reasons to see the winner is in my state rather than in Alaska or Hawaii. In hindsight,I perhaps could have sold it for local pick-up via Craigs' List,but eBay offers that luxury of putting things in the mail or shipping service rather than meeting up with a stranger.I could, for that matter, have kept this desktop and hooked it up to our TV as a media center, but my plan is to use a very small form-factor CPU to do that sometime soon.

A winning bidder on eBay is like a winning local sports team. It inspires all sorts of illogical but pleasurable feelings of confidence, success and personal charisma and sales skill.
dark flower

recyled computer

I took the old desk-top computer to the UPS store near my office at lunch today. I had previously exchanged eBay messages with my buyer to get the street address. I found, to my pleasure,that the cost to ship the package to my buyer was within one dollar of my own estimate. The packed box seemed a bit heavy to me, but the UPS fellow made it easy and quick.The experience also reaffirmed my belief that all old boxes should be kept, as a printer box did fine duty as a computer box.

After expenses of shipment and for a wi-fi adapter, my net return was small indeed. I perhaps could have instead donated the computer through Big Brothers Big Sisters or some such. But I liked recycling the computer into another's hands. I hope my buyer enjoys it.

The rain fell today.It's very welcome.The day was dark at 5.30 p.m., proving that the time change did happen. We are supposed to have rain through Wednesday.

Tonight we dined on turkey spaghetti and watched "Antiques Roadshow" on television.