November 2nd, 2013

dark flower

Pelicans and LXDE

I drove this morning to Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge. On the way, I stopped at a McDonald's for oatmeal. The restaurant was filled with athletes from a small college in Oklahoma. I was disinclined to wait in line, so I went to another outlet up the road.

I was not able to walk on the Meadow Creek Trail,because it was closed for archery bow hunting weekend. I did see meadowlarks, numerous white pelicans, northern harriers, red-tailed hawk, red-winged blackbird, an eastern bluebird, turkey vultures, shoveler ducks, pied-billed grebes, mallard ducks, American coots, and eastern phoebes, among other birds.

I liked the eastern comma butterfly.

eastern comma at hagerman november 2 2013

On the way back, I listened to the Linux Action Show on the TuneIn Radio app on my cell phone.The show included a review of the Cinnamon desktop. It sounded pretty good, though I like the simple-to-the-point-of-primitive LXDE desktop. LXDE is basically a start button and lots of open territory, which is just right.

Tonight we ate French dip and watched television.