October 29th, 2013

dark flower

Good but not what i like

Opinions are funny. Like almost everyone, I have a lot of them. Some are silly, some are heart-felt and heart-in-the-right-place, if not quite worthy, and some probably make perfect sense. The ones that intrigue me, though, are the ones that disfavor this or that thing, even if this or that thing are benign and perhaps even worthy. Examples of basically positive things of which I mildly disapprove for one principled reason or another are all products made by Apple, Inc. [too expensive, often founded on hardware DRM, too closed-source, and too willing to suppress competition, iTunes is monopolist in intention and like malware in operation, elitist faux hipster marketing], Teach for America [too elitist, too dismissive of hard-working teachers, too quick to scapegoat, too quick to exalt its band-aid as a cure], Honda car dealerships [too smug to properly bargain], and most forms of salad [too much like salad, too quick to ruin perfectly good vegetables by mixing them and dousing them with gunk]. The great unifying characteristics of all these things is that I can imagine encouraging someone who wished to pursue any of them, while fundamentally, deep down,I approve of none of them. It is a perfect example of "judge the thing, but not the user of the thing". I suppose, for that matter, I eat lots of salad, I could happily own a Honda or workably own an iPod (so long as I could figure out some way that I need not download the iTunes malware), and yet, on some level,I benignly but markedly disapprove. For that matter, I now drive a car-based Chevy SUV, which I really enjoy, and yet I mildly disapprove of suburbanites that drive SUVs. I love the texture and curious solace of pointless and unimportant mild opinions.
dark flower

bank error in your favor reversed due to error not in your favor

If I was going to be mistaken about which winning scratch-off lottery ticket was the winner, I suppose I wish I had been right about the 200 dollar ticket and wrong about the 5 dollar ticket. But it was funny to get it wrong. I invested my 5 dollars in more tickets, and this time I am certain I won 2.

I talked to my dad and sister today. I was glad to hear they are spending quality time together. My computer is still unsold,and it's amazing what great computers are on auction for nothing now that are better than my old unit.It's a great time to love x86 laptops and desktops.