October 4th, 2013

dark flower

two trees

Beatrice and I went for a morning walk.I watched the trees in our neighborhood, and thought of the two little crape myrtle trees in our front yard. We planted them after two earlier tries at trees failed, including the Eve's necklace I had been excited about. The two tree-like shrubs are now each 10 to 12 feet high and look like trees. The right one is
very hardwood-tree-like, while the left one is more like tall vertical branches. What will they look like in five years? I hope I get to know that.

We saw a mourning dove.A crossing guard let us cross. The cold front is due tomorrow, but now they say it will only cool us by 20 degrees [F] and not bring much if any rain.
dark flower

video mallard madness

After work, I stopped by Springfield Park in Rowlett again. I saw an American kestrel, an eastern phoebe and lots of mallards. My wife was going out for dinner with women from her work, so I got a 5 dollar footlong sandwich from Subway for dinner. Tonight I finalized the 5 1/2 minute music video I created for a friend. It came out as 40 seconds of animation,
5 minutes of interspersed live footage--all in all, a medley, pastiche or mess, depending on one's favorite descriptive flavor.

Now the mp4 is uploading via sendthisfile.com. The sendthisfile service is great, but the upload is huge. It is taking a long time to upload.

Tomorrow the cool weather comes. I am delighted.