September 23rd, 2013

dark flower

cartoons are a lot of work

Saturday and Sunday I worked on a pivot stickfigure animation for a music video for a friend's song. After about 4 hours of effort, I got about 2 minutes of material. I will either create 3 and a half more minutes, or use live footage for the rest. I enjoy pivot stickfigure, but frame by frame 2D animation on even that user-friendly tool is time consuming. I like that once I have an idea, the vignette arising from the idea pretty much makes itself.

Saturday I walked around Towne Lake in McKinney. I mostly saw turtles. Sunday afternoon I walked on the Spring Creek Trail. I saw an armadillo and a water snake.

My Weight Watchers weight was up a bit. I am now at 10 pounds lost since May. I want to get to 12 or more by year-end, so I am on track, assuming a healthy holiday season.
dark flower

3 stops for air

I had a busy day at work. For lunch I tried a Thai/Japanese cafe called Jasmine Thai. I liked the small portions on my teriyaki chicken. After work, I stopped by East Fork Park. The water was way down in the little reservoir just outside the park. I saw scissor-tailed flycatchers, eastern bluebirds, and an eastern phoebe. We watched Genealogy Roadshow, and we are now watching the new show The Blacklist.

My car tells me when it has minor issues,like a tire being low on air. I drove to air machines at two places today to find them out of order. The third place had air. Air seems to me to be pure profit to these convenience stores, a few quarters for a few pennies worth of air. But it took 3 tries to find one. I was glad to get the warning on my dash turned off.