September 2nd, 2013

dark flower

labor day

The sound of thunder brought me joy in the prospect of rain. That same sound brought my dog Beatrice consternation. Storms, like sports events, inspire contrasting emotions.

I cannot tell you how happy I am that today is Labor Day. I plan to labor a bit on Labor Day, to make the rest of my week more strees-free. Still, Labor Day marks the beginning of cooler days, of Autumn's first hint.
dark flower


First thing this morning I drove to Fry's Electronics. I picked up a 64 GB flash drive and a 500 GB external hard drive, both of which were on sale. I could find a better price on eBay, but apparently drives on eBay sometimes are not as represented. Flash drives in particular are falling in price like a rock. I will be glad when 128 GB is available for less than 20 dollars, as flash drives are more fun for me to use than hard drives.

I stopped by Breckinridge Park prior to going to work. I saw lots of bluebirds enjoying the warm, rainy day. I did not get good pictures, because I did not have my ultra-zoom camera.

From a bit after 9 to 11:40something, I worked. I got a lot done. I then adjourned and drove home. Soon I was on the road to Grapevine. I stopped to lunch at a Subway. Then I drove to my destination.

I met Matt through ccMixter. Like me, he uses Linux and wants to make music using Linux.
We decided to get together and try to learn the software a bit better. He had a great set-up, with a synthesizer and a Microphone hooked up to a computer running Ubuntu Studio. When I arrived, he was just finishing sorting out how to use Rosegarden with his MIDI keyboard.
While I was there, he tried to get Ardour 3 going, but the Jack connections went awry. I showed him how to use MuseScore, which I enjoy using. Musescore is freeware that lets one notate sheet music to make a song and then play it back using instrument files called Soundfonts. I'd like to learn to use another program called Swami to create my own Soundfonts, as I find Soundfonts a fun way to make music, but I want to bake my own.

Matt's family members were all nice, and folks were interested in music and chess. I wish I could have contributed more than demonstrating MuseScore and the IXI software tools, but
I learned a lot, and will learn more as I study to make more of a contribution to the learning process..

On the way home, I stopped by Limestone Quarry Park in Frisco and took a walk. Then I drove home and walked in Glendover Park. In both Limestone Quarry and in Glendover Park, I saw a miniature bird that looked a bit like a goldfinch, but may have been a tiny warbler. I did not get a good enough view to tell. I did take lots of pictures of handsome molting mockingbirds.

Time-Warner Cable and CBS settled their feud. I am irritated with CBS for violating net neutrality by blocking Also, I do not believe that the actress Cote de Pablo will return to NCIS notwithstanding the end of the dispute, which is a negative for CBS. Still, I am glad the network and the cable company sorted it out.