August 20th, 2013

dark flower

gone postal

I've got six on-line postal chess games going through the United States Chess Federation. I usually use the interface to access them. This interface has a separate little analysis board to make the review of the games easier. But today it has some kind of password-recognition problem.

In my games, I am playing okay, but not particularly well. I am not won or lost in any, though in one game I am at a positional disadvantage. The games are all between move 10 and move 20. It's funny how most of them will be decided by move 35.

I thought about playing in the Southwest Open, a huge Labor Day weekend tournament. I am not sure, though, that I would want to play my whole long weekend away.

Our niece is coming to see us this coming weekend. She likes art and the outdoors, as well as our local natatorium. I must see if I can find a special activity she will enjoy during her visit.