July 28th, 2013

dark flower

spiny lizard

I took Beatrice for a walk in the cool early morning. She is glad we are home.

I drove up to the Johnson Branch Unit of Lake Ray Roberts. I like walking the sidewalk paths through the cross timbers there. I hoped to see zebra longwing butterflies,but none were in evidence. I walked for 115 minutes. I took a picture of a lizard, whom I believe to be a Texas Spiny Lizard. I saw a great blue heron, a great egret, a snowy egret, several mockingbirds, several northern cardinals, scissor-tailed flycatchers, a western kingbird, a turkey vulture, and several grasshoppers.

Once I saw a little bird I thought was a blue/gray gnatcatcher, but as I looked I realized I was instead seeing a small group of fledgling mockingbirds, fully-formed but tiny, getting used to flying.

I drove home. We ate sandwiches for dinner. We rented a movie we both love, Mike Leigh's "Happy-Go-Lucky". We enjoyed seeing Sally Hawkins' great performance, which should have won the Oscar in its year but in fact she was not nominated though was a Golden Globe winner. I look forward to seeing her in the new Woody Allen movie.

I listened to a mixcloud cloudcast that said it featured one of my songs. I had a lot of cool covers, including a great "Cinnamon Girl" I had not heard before. My song, a curious novelty remix of youtube vlogger Thaumata I did years ago, felt fun to hear, the oddball Dr. Demento guest in otherwise august company.

Now the TV is playing a Texana guy with a guitar and I am thinking about going to read more of "Cloud Atlas" and then sleep.
dark flower

eight tenths

I rented the Cameron Crowe movie "Elizabethtown" on my tablet. In its time, the film was noted for its similarity to Zach Braff's "Garden State", a film with a much smaller budget. I liked the film very well--I had seen fractions of it on cable, and was pleased to see the whole movie.My little pengpod works well for such movie rentals.

I was pleased at Weight Watchers to find that I had lost .8 pounds, notwithstanding the vacation.This brings me to 5.4 pounds lost since I began again one month ago. I drove to my office to pick up some papers I need for work. I had lunch at a Panda Express. Then I got a haircut at the franchise haircut place at Alma and Hedgecox.

In the late afternoon I walked from my house to Green Park and back. I saw mockingbirds, blue jays, barn swallows, and grackles. We ate cheese ravioli for dinner.
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