July 16th, 2013

dark flower

translating and reading

Last night I listened to the Phillip Wilkerson interview for my Graham Wafercast cloudcast. He did a good job, fitting the content into a spare 10 minutes. If I can keep my intro and extro to 5 minutes,we'll have a fine 15 minute episode 5.

I am over halfway through the short fantasy novel I am reading, Chris F.Holm's "The Wrong Goodbye". It's got one of those pulp first-person narrators, like early Robert Heinlein or almost all Raymond Chandler. That style is always a quicker read for me.

Some folks think that a lawyer representing a guilty person is immoral. I do not think that. I find immoral a lawyer providing slanted, crowd-pandering color commentary about trials,especially when the commentary is circular, repetitive and self-promoting. Talk about circles of hell.

I am thankful today for computer translation software, which lets me imperfectly understand at least 3/4 of what someone writes. It's funny how some languages, like Dutch, translate so idiomatically, while others, like
Russian or Turkish, translate very obscurely. I wonder if this is a function of language similarity or of the way the software works.
dark flower


Another rainy day.This delights me. Cloudcast episode tonight. Good work day. Bento box lunch.
Scissortail flycatcher perched. Snapdragons surprisingly endure. Little dog improved. Meg Ryan movie. Music via USB. No conclusive answers.