July 15th, 2013

dark flower

rainy days never get me down

Sunday a rainstorm arrived. This was welcome relief from our heat and drought. The temperature fell into the 70s.

I went to church at Suncreek UMC,where their new pastor gave a good sermon.
When I was a kid,I belonged to a small town church. The preacher left every few years, in the Methodist way. In the city, preachers seem a bit less mobile. I think that both mobile-preacher and non-mobile-preacher have their
good points as approaches, but I suspect mobile is healthier.

I rode my bicycle around 6 yesterday. I took a new route, first heading to Green Park and then riding to Dayspring Nature Preserve on Comanche street
before heading down the Watters Creek Trail. I saw lots of rabbits and the common backyard birds.

Last night I watched a film about the Dalai Lama on hulu, watched Endeavor on PBS, and read a book. I had a great chat with my dad, who is felling better after a rough patch. Today I hope to get a lot done at work.
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dark flower

cool hummingbird

Quite early this morning I stepped out in our back yard. A hummingbird was attracted to one of the flowers on our patio containers. We do not get many hummingbirds here, unlike our old home in La Crescenta, California, where they lived in pine trees by our house all the year around. This one was a delight to see.

The combination of rain and low temperatures (70s F.) made Monday a very non-dull child. I drove in Breckinridge Park at lunch and after work and took pictures of barn swallows.

Tonight I went to Cici's Pizza buffet. There I can have 4 pieces of alfredo cheese pizza and all the salad I want and stay within my weight loss points count system. I am finding it pretty easy to stay within the Weight Watchers points plus system.

I got a lot done at work today. I want all this week to work that way.