June 20th, 2013

dark flower

limp tail

Beatrice is discernibly better. I learned on the internet of a malady called limp tail syndrome, which happens to over-active dogs. My wife took Bea to the vet, who said that was one possible diagnosis. Beatrice's tail was out in the back yard with her tail nearly back to normal last night, and she clearly feels better.She is not all well yet, as this morning her tail still is a bit limp.

I walked in Muddy Creek Nature Preserve at lunch yesterday.I got a picture of a bird I believe to be a blue grosbeak, but the light is imperfect and it may be an indigo bunting.

A tropical hibiscus my wife planted last year in our front yard flower bed
came back this year and bloomed.

Hibiscus, June 19 2013 back yard
dark flower

fragrant water lily

Today I saw white water lily flowers at Breckinridge Park, and a hummingbird at Muddy Creek Nature Preserve. I gave free legal advice at the Salvation Army--it was a full house tonight. I am contemplating what to do with my Saturday. My visit to the dentist yesterday went fine. Our dog feels better. I wonder if I would be a smarter if I knew two programming languages.