June 13th, 2013

dark flower

running to make progress

Today was a day when time got away from me, but I got busy and worked and got back on track. I'm eager to take a Saturday day trip. I'm researching a July vacation elsewhere. This morning I ate oatmeal. I ate organic bananas today.

Two house finches stood in a tree. I want to find a weekend to bring a niece to visit. The days are smoulderingly hot, not Veronica Lake hot, but Great Salt Lake hot. I'm aghast at the disgraceful treatment being accorded the Australian Prime Minister. of whom a member of the press dared to question her about her male partner's sexual preference.

I'm eager to get a lot done tomorrow. I gave up on Season 3 of Game of Thrones. I am amazed that xBox One fans will put up with abolition of their right to sell used games. I'm pleased that the United States Supreme Court held that natural human genes cannot be patented. I've almost decided what to say for my next cloudcast.