May 24th, 2013

dark flower


I woke up early this morning and watched part of a Joan Crawford movie. Her character rose from poverty to luxury, showed surprising decency and then became a fool for love. I changed the channel before her heart got broken again.

In my backyard this early morning I saw a little green bird flitting into one of our small back yard trees. I could not see what it was, though. It was nonetheless fun to look and see.

I found that set up a special fund to help the teachers of Moore, Oklahoma, so I donated a small amount to that fund.

I downloaded a couple of Linux podcasts. I am thinking of creating my own podcast. It would just be conversation about the various things that interest me. It would also be a little shorter than the usual podcast--most podcasts are too long, if too long is defined by my drive time or typical listening space. Time will tell if I make this happen