May 22nd, 2013

dark flower


A tornado watch occupied much of yesterday. We do not get many tornadoes in the Dallas area, though we are perhaps marginally in Tornado Alley. But everyone was tornado-conscious after the devastating tornado in Moore, Oklahoma, a four hour drive northwest of us. In the mid-afternoon, we got a monster thunderstorm, which, despite high winds, did no damage and brought some much-needed to rain to this drought-bordering land. In our office, we all learned where the local storm shelter is located.

At lunch time I went to Breckinridge Park. In addition to photos of an American kestrel, an eastern kingbird and a scissor-tailed flycatcher, I got a photo of a barn swallow. Barn swallows are very common in the Spring and Summer, but they do not readily pose for photos. I was glad to snap some pictures of this lovely bird.

Last night I spoke with my father, and made plans to go to Arkansas on an upcoming Saturday. I fell asleep early last night, and woke to a cool, moist morning, a throwback to early Spring.
dark flower

lazuli? parula? vireo? I don't know.

Today I got to drive to work on a cool morning. At lunch I went to Breckinridge Park. I took a picture of a bird I cannot identify--it looks a bit like a vireo, a bit like a northern parula, and a bit like a lazuli bunting. I hope to sort out what it is in due course.

One of my postal chess games looks even more clearly lost. Perhaps I will resign soon, but I must see if I must give up hope instead. I read about the Tennison Gambit today during lunch. Otto Tennison was a curious fellow. He was a Louisianan who was a Union high-ranking officer who switched sides in the middle of the war. He invented the gambit after the war. The gambit, a forerunner of the Budapest Defense, appeals to me because it is very odd. It goes: 1. Nf3 d5 2. e4. I rarely play gambits in real games, though.

Tonight I stopped by Oak Point Park on the way home and shot several pictures of a singing dickcissel. I watched "Nashville", which packed a very heavy if soapy punch. I read that Pidora has been invented. That gives me incentive to fire up my raspberry pi.