May 2nd, 2013

dark flower

signed up

A brisk wind and a chill blew in last night. We went to sleep in 68 degree weather and woke up in 52 degree weather. Last night we watched "The Americans". When this show works, as last night, it is one of the better television shows.

I signed us up for Saturday morning's birdwalk at Birdfest at Hagerman National Wildlife Reserve. Today I must do some driving. The wind will be at my back, except when it is at my front.
dark flower


Today the cold weather felt like a February day in May. I drove to a court hearing in Sulphur Springs, about 70 minutes away. The freeway medians were filled with wildflowers. I saw mostly evening primrose. Sulphur Springs is the headquarters of Hopkins County. Its stone courthouse in the town square is really lovely.

I was scheduled to fly out late tonight on another business trip. My client called and graciously let me avoid the trip. I went instead to Garland Bar Association. A young attorney was the speaker who worked for CASA. CASA is a group that provides volunteers to serve as non-professional evaluators to help protect kids caught up in the child protective services system. Her description of the good these volunteers do impressed me. I hate that our system is not good at protecting those kids who, due to feckless, abusive, ill or addicted parents, are caught up in the under-funded over-taxed foster care system.

Today one of my on-line chess games took a dramatic turn in my favor. Now I have a clearly won endgame. I suppose I could still blunder, but it would be unlikely. Yet my opponent plays on.
Once upon a time,I might have thought this an insult--an attempt to hope that my inexpertise would make me unable to close out a simple win. Now I realize it's just a good learning experience for all for my opponent to play on and make me beat him.

I am eager to have another hard-working day tomorrow, and to then luxuriate in the weekend.