March 15th, 2013

dark flower

on readers and shovelers

I am very productive at work right now. I like work, and it's good when it hums along.

The weather yesterday was close to perfect. After work I went to Oak Point Park. This park has a little lake, some open field hiking, and a set of hiking trails through a woodland. I liked that the woodland has its annual array of wildflowers--a field of a white flower called false garlic. I saw American coots, northern shovelers, northern cardinals, downy woodpeckers, and trees in bloom.

northern shoveler oak point park march 14 2013

northern cardinal oak point park march 14 2013

I downloaded liferea onto my Linux machine as a google reader replacement. I also got a reader extension for firefox and added newsblur to chrome. We'll see which, if any, I use. Once upon a time I used no reader at all, and just visited sites. Perhaps that one will win the prize.
It might be fun to configure two different RSS streams---one entirely of webcomix and one entirely of netlabel album releases. For the latter, though, pretty much does the trick already. It's like an on-line free record store.