March 13th, 2013

dark flower

territorial bluebirds

I worked a very full day, and then went to Breckinridge Park. The park had lots of chickadees foraging in the trees. Bluebirds were also abundant, and I saw a few getting into aerial sparring matches as they angled for territory. I saw tufted titmouse, a yellow-rumped warbler and a mockingbird.

Today the news featured stories about the new Argentine Pope. I do not think the occupant of the papacy is of too much concern in my life, but I hope he still can reform things a bit.
Today google also announced the end of Google Reader. I recently began using it. I doubt I will miss it much, because surely there are alternatives. But I wonder why google would bother to close it down.

Tonight my wife is working very late. She usually works less late than I do. She loves to get things done when she is on a project, though.

I thought to myself today that I feel very fortunate.