March 7th, 2013

dark flower

attribution salt and pepper

This week brings good news. A game developer from New Zealand wrote to ask how I wished to be credited in an upcoming iTunes game. A website called Business Insider used my Tucson mountains picture in an article about hot real estate markets. A magazine in Italy, Sale & Pepe (Salt and Pepper), used my song "Kindergarten" in a video about a pastry chef showing kids how to make pastries. The video-maker kindly pointed out the posting and then improved the credits when I asked.

I watched a stop-action nature film about the Canadian Rockies. The images were lovely,
and made me wish I had more skill at photography.
dark flower

still stillhouse

Today I drove to Austin and back for a work matter. On the way down, I got kolaches at the Village Bakery in downtown West.I found the pineapple one very interesting.I love that West, Texas offers so many Czech bakeries.

On the way back,I walked a bit on Chalk Ridge Falls Park near Lake Stillhouse Hollow. I liked the trail, though I only heard but did not see any birds. I had disapproving thoughts about the three people who brought their two dogs in violation of the "no pets" sign. The trail ran by the Lampasas River. I also started to go to Lake Waco, where I hiked a couple of years ago,but it was too late when I arrived.

On the drive home, I listened to, and enjoyed the ambient artists I heard through that service.