March 6th, 2013

dark flower

red robin, whale

After work last night, I stopped by Breckinridge Park. Flocks of robins foraged. I thought the song "when the red, red robin comes bob, bob. bobbin along". I took pictures, but none were ideal.

I knocked my left foot against a chair last night. I do not think I broke or dislocated any toes, but the jammed feeling has me limping a little today. I seem to make a habit of getting into a hurry when I navigate and going astray in this way.

I stopped by the library and borrowed three DVDs: the Robert Donat "Goodbye, Mr. Chips" (I love the novella); the animated feature "My Dog Tulip" (I love animation), and the documentary "A Life Among Whales" (I love whales and dolphins). The free movie showing at the library on its auditorium screen was "To Kill a Mockingbird", but I did not stay to see it.

My chronological history of Christianity reached the 20th Century. I just read the 1914 part in which the Assembly of God denomination was founded thirty miles from where I grew up. The history is now documenting the birth of people who were alive when I was younger. I have gotten more hours of reading enjoyment out of this book than its two dollar price would predict. I read a very few pages at a time, while I am eating lunch during work days. Each fact is like a little snapshot, promising a photo gallery within.One factual inaccuracy jarred, when the book moves the Azusa Street Mission from its actual location in Los Angeles up to San Francisco. Perhaps all California cities look the same to outsiders, at least until they visit.
abstract butterfly

Suits me.

I work in a building by a shopping center. Today at lunch I stopped in Macy's and Dillard's. Neither store had the ability to help me acquire business attire. I am trapped by a 1980s idea of clothing acquisition. In that era nicer department stores tried to compete with mens' stores for dress suit business. Now things work differently or do not work at all. It does give me a new quest. Part of me hopes to find the perfect suit store. But part of me thinks this should all be done easily on line. On the other hand I have not gone to the local men's suit chain nor the local small towns. Small town suit stores have a go to meeting vibe I like.