March 2nd, 2013

dark flower

firewheel chocolate

I had a great hot chocolate today at Firewheel Coffee in Garland. This emporium features ample plugs for computers. My young friend and I headed there after a lunch at Applebee's. Our morning was spent on a curious trip to Grapevine Mills, where we intended to see the little aquarium. We arrived very early, took a walk about the premises while waiting for it to open,and then found ourselves in line behind tons of kids who had just finished an Easter Seals run.

We opted not to ensure the cheek-to-jowl joy of the experience. Then my car's phone app kept
retracing our steps until I got a turn down correctly, failing to enhance the experience.
But who can complain about a good hot chocolate, a great lunch, and sale CDs at Best Buy?

I took a walk on the northern part of Trinity Trail. I saw lots of yellow-rumped warblers,
a couple of red-bellied woodpeckers and a couple of mockingbirds. I got no great pictures of any. I borrowed a DVD about desert places from the public library.

My wife and I ate at Rockfish Grill tonight, where I had grilled catfish. I watched the 7 minute Crater Lake video, and now decree that all videos should be 7 minutes long.
Tonight I watched the movie Battleship, a hilariously B movie extravanganza.