February 22nd, 2013

dark flower

a chit-chat of chickadees

Thursday I watched Carolina chickadees at Breckinridge Park during my lunch hour and just after work.
I was pleased to have the chance to do so, because the morning began with a heavy rain falling. The evening chickadees traveled in little flocks (a chicory of chickadees, perhaps? I saw one internet wag who called a chickadee flock a "W.C. Fields of chickadees"). They do not pose well for pictures, but sometimes a pecan or hickory nut attracts one sufficiently to permit the camera to do its work.

Thursday night I went to the Dallas Volunteer Attorney Program at the Salvation Army in Garland. Six volunteers did intake for 48 clients, so it was a busy evening. I missed this week's episode of "Elementary", one of my favorite current television shows. I will watch it on DVR. I am eager for a productive day today, leading into the prospect of a restful weekend.

montana and pizza

I'm looking at maps of Missoula and Kalispell. So much to see there. We went to the local little Italian place and had canadian bacon and pineapple pizza. We're going to the art museum tomorrow. My chronology of Christian history has moved into the 19th C. The weather is freezing at dawn and temperate by dusk. I heard Maya Angelou on the radio the other day. She grew up not that far from where I grew up, but she left and went elsewhere when quite young.
I heard her do a reading years ago, and was impressed with her skill. I'm adding reading feeds to Google Reader. I've got a DVD to watch this weekend about Victoria Falls.