February 11th, 2013

dark flower

in summary

4 hour hike in Sabino Canyon with my brother-in-law and his five year old son. We hiked high, low, and across streams and all had a great time.
Cool tacos at a place that makes them in healthy and inventive ways
Lots of good times with my wife's family
Birds that would not hold still for photographst
Ready to fly home tomorrow
dark flower

less than a full peng

We woke at dawn and drove to the Tucson airport. We made it to our plane in time. Because we were using frequent flyer miles, we took a one-stop through Phoenix. Our plane arrived just moments before our plane to Dallas was to take off. We made it by a bare margin. I slept on the plane, which landed at 11 a.m. I picked up a sandwich and then headed to work. I enjoyed my time off,but it was good to be "home".

I stopped for Chinese food on the way home, as my wife had a meeting. Then I sat at my computer while Market Warriors played on PBS. I found UCBLogo, a Logo programming language program with which I am familiar. However, once I installed it, it neither showed up nor ran. I must figurr out if I committed user error. Then I moved on to other things.

I added music software and began watching Seq24 tutorials. Seq24 is a pattern-based sequencer. I am very familiar with that method of making music. However, I must figure out how to use the synthesizers in conjunction with the sequencer. I will take it one step [sequencer] at a time. I wish I could program. My needs are so simple. A piano roll composer, a .wav-based sampler, the ability to create sequences in multi-tracks, the ability to sequence patterns, ease of recording, import of MIDI and export of MIDI and .wav.

My PengPod 700 arrived today, and it looks good. But the promised micro-SD card pre-loaded with Linux (to permit Android/pure Linux dual boot) was missing. I wrote off to get that sent.
I could probably mount the distro onto a micro-SD card with a little work, but I paid a few dollars extra so that I would not have to do so. The minor error in my order is frustrating but just part of life.

I have a busy week ahead, and I am glad about that. My chronological history of Christianity has moved into the 16th Century. I believe tolerance is an important virtue. I see that the current Pope is resigning. I do not have a detailed opinion about the current pope, other than a general sense that his dogma contradicts my belief of how things work. His handling of the abuse scandals has been imperfect. But I think it is good for popes to resign rather than to attempt to serve past their capacity to do so.

My dog Beatrice, though well-loved by a dogsitter, is glad we're home.