December 15th, 2012

dark flower

the ides of December

Friday night I listened to three Linux podcasts through my car stereo as I drove to Arkansas. I enjoyed them all very much. Saturday my father, his wife, my brother and I went to my great aunt's graveside memorial and then a reception at my first cousin once removed's church. The memorial was very fitting and right.The visit with family before and after was good--looking at old pictures, thinking of happier times.On the way home, I briefly stopped at Logoly State Park, at the Red River, and at Bobby Ferguson Park in Texarkana.I saw a red-headed woodpecker, several red-tailed hawks, and lots of charming warm winter day scenery.

The news is full of stories about the mass shooting in Newtown, CT.The known facts are horrific. The easy conclusions and facile intrusiveness of the press is disheartening.The punditry is in the main appalling. All those people. Gone. Heart-breaking.