December 14th, 2012

dark flower


My great Aunt Betty passed away today. She was in her eighties. She was very kind to everyone, including all the people in my family. She worked for my grandfather, who worked in the railroad cross-tie industry. She and my Uncle Jake and their sons Steve and Lloyd (Lloyd is now deceased) were people who made my good childhood even better. Her health had been fading, so the news is not a shock. I counted in my head all the people of her generation who have now passed on.

I wish my wife and I had gone up to her retirement place in northern Mississippi to see her. She and my Uncle Jake had moved there to be near Steve years ago. But wishes are irrelevant, so often.

I'll go up to my father's home town in Arkansas for the memorial services. All of my memories of Aunt Betty are good.
dark flower

in the pre-dawn

house finch breckinridge park 12 13 2012

I like waking up in the early morning and listening to music or watching informative internet videos.
My favorite show now is the Linux Action Show, though it is really designed more as a long commute podcast and therefore I rarely take the 1 hour and x minutes it takes to watch each episode.

Today is Friday, and I want to get a lot done. Yesterday I got a lot done, and I want to work harder and smarter in every way.