November 5th, 2012

abstract butterfly

Glendover Park, Allen, Texas

Glendover Park, Allen, Texas, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

Saturday I walked at a city park in Frisco after traffic blocked me from going to Towne Lake Park. Saturday for lunch we dined with nice folks to whom my wife introduced me. We ate great pizza at Urban Crust. Our waitperson, Julie, was great.

Saturday night we went to hear Hilary Hahn play her violin with the Dallas Symphony. Her solo on a cinematic Korngold was wonderful. We both enjoyed it very much.

Sunday I walked on Trinity Trail and saw lots of buckeye butterflies. The temperature was 74 degrees. I did laundry all afternoon.Today I walked the dog in foggy weather, and then worked a full day. Because the time changed on Sunday, I drove home in the dark.