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September 1st, 2012

2 turtles

This morning Beatrice and I went out for her daily early morning walk. She somehow slipped her harness and took off to investigate trees. She came back to be re-harnessed after a a bit of close inspection. I confirmed that the little wading bird I am seeing this week (but, sadly, am unable to get a close photograph of) is an immature green heron.

I took my young friend fishing at Park Hill Prairie. I caught 1 bass and 10 sunfish. He caught 3 sunfish. We each caught a turtle, which I hate to do, though I had sense enough to cut the line before we had snapping turtles on shore with us. We released all things caught.

We drove on County Road 1129W on our way home. It was lovely, with rolling hills and fields and ranches and horses and everything. We lunched at Rockfish Grill where I had a lovely grilled catfish and new potatoes.
We went to 1/2 price books, where I found a well-used copy of the Lev Alburt Pirc Defense book for 10 dollars, much less than it would cost new. I went to Bethany Lakes Park late in the afternoon. I saw a grackle whose molt resulted in a bald head.

My wife and I ate BBQ from Dickey's tonight, and watched an episode of Doc Martin. Now I am watching the University of Oklahoma and the University of Texas El Paso play a very close football game (through the half, anyway) and I am seeing that Oklahoma is once again over-rated by the media.