July 8th, 2012

abstract butterfly

beasts are wild

Yesterday I took Beatrice for an early morning walk. She liked that we saw so many rabbits. She was oblivious to the tree filled with vocal western kingbirds.

Our friends Scott and Donna came over at 11 a.m. We all dined at Torchy's Tacos in Allen, a fine establishment. I had two soft green chile pork tacos. While Donna and my wife worked together on a project, Scott and I went to the Plano Angelika theater, where we saw the wonderful film "Beasts of the Southern Wild". Scott grew up in Louisiana, and it was interesting to talk about how his region differed from the region that the film concerned. Later, we all four spent time watching music performances via Youtube on our television.

We all went out to dinner at Hedary's, our local Lebanese restaurant, where I had lamb kabobs. Then we went to our house and chatted. I gave Scott, a fine guitarist and baritone ukulele player, my spare can-jo. He could soon finger out songs with it.

Today I attended church and enjoyed singing three traditional hymns, took photos in Bethany Lakes Park,
recorded a video for youtube, did laundry, cleaned up the interior of a car and helped my wife with a
project for a friend.
abstract butterfly

Christmas in July

I thought that a December tune might be a good counter to July heat. So I pulled out a trusty nose flute,and thought December thoughts. I wish everyone a bit of Winter joy in the Summer season,and vice versa.