July 3rd, 2012

abstract butterfly

salt on Tuesday

Originally, I intended to take Monday and Tuesday off, but then work put a stop to those plans. I tried to mail a package at the Wylie Post Office, but the line was too long. Perhaps those folks took the day off.
Beatrice woke me at 4:30 a.m. with her barking. I headed outdoors to let her in. As I watched her nose into one bush, a little rodent came creeping out and hid under a different bush. Beatrice came indoors with me.

I am playing with a painting program I downloaded for free from the google chrome store. It has tons of features, but thus far I cannot get it to save correctly. Onward I will go, until I figure it out. I like that google chrome offers so much interesting software.

I paid some money for some donation-ware, an Adblocker program a friend here recommended. It's good software. I donated a bit more than I intended, which is fine, because most people just download it for free. The canned thank you e-mail I got was less useful than the software.

Another day at the salt mine I love, and then I will be independent for a day. At least I am a mine owner.