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June 26th, 2012

This image intrigues me.

Kitty Kitty face, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

This is my father's cat, Kitty Kitty. I am very fond of this cat. I took this photograph, which intrigues me, as it reminds me a lot of a photo of a human someone posted on Twitter. I think it would be impolite,though, to show someone this picture and say "hey, the facial expression in your photo looks just like my father's elderly cat".

fire put out

Today I determined to go to the Firehouse Subs in Rowlett for lunch. Since our office moved at the end of April, I had not been. Another Firehouse Subs is nearer my office. But I wanted to go to this one, where they know me (and other patrons) by name.

Sadly, "my" Firehouse Subs had closed its doors, never to re-open. Even the restaurant fixtures were gone, and all that was left was empty space and lettering on the windows. I was surprised, because it always did a good lunch business. I do not think the lack of my order of medium roast beef on wheat, combo, lettuce and cheese only, made the difference.

I tend to find places I like to eat, go there regularly and often order the same thing. A Boston Market near my old office has folks who know my "regular turkey, no gravy" order the moment they see me walk in. I still go there sometimes, because they know who I am. I have never wanted an exclusive membership in a private club or to be backstage at a concert, but I like to be known at Boston Market.

So I feel a little sadness at the loss of this Firehouse Subs. I ate Chinese instead, and it was good.
I went to the review site Yelp! and gave it a positive review, even though it has closed. It was the closest thing to a eulogy I could think to do.

The mail brought inexpensive tech gadgets I bought on line. I am eager to try them out.

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